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COPD Stem Cell Therapy

Among the common lung diseases that are affecting people these days is the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The disease has some lung conditions such as chronic asthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis which block the airflow within the lungs hence making it hard to breathe. Emphysema condition destroys alveoli tissues that slowly surround the small sacs. These tissues help with the exchange of oxygen in the lungs. The air sacs become large hence losing their elasticity in a person with emphysema.

Exhalation process can become a complicated process since the rate at which oxygen is transferred within breath is reduced. Chronic bronchitis is a condition that leads to inflammation in the bronchial tubes which allows air to pass through. Breathing becomes a hard task due to the nature of mucus as a result of the irritation. Chronic asthma can only lead to COPD when the effects of the disease are severe. According to recent studies, there is a connection between adult COPD and severe childhood asthma.

Today, COPD can be treated in various ways which include steroids, vaccinations, surgeries, bronchodilators, transplants, and supplemental oxygen. These treatments only reduce the losses as well as alleviating the symptoms since there is currently no cure for the disease. Research for the causes of the disease is still ongoing although the leading ones are pollutants and smoking. This chronic condition leads to a progressive and irreversible irritation to the lungs. This chronic illness is effectively treatable with stem cell therapy.

Doctors use umbilical cord or adipose stem cells as a way of therapy towards your wellness. The healing process of your body is more effective and faster with these regenerative therapies. Stem cells can replace a lot of cells in the body which also include lung tissues. These cells heal the body through the replacement of the ones that are affected with the diseases hence regenerating new cells. Research have recently shown that it is possible to restore the damaged cells through the stem cell therapy.

There is, therefore, hope for people that are suffering from this neurodegenerative disease. Some of the improvements that these patients show after the treatment are increased energy, reduction of dyspnea, grown in the ability to walk and perform daily tasks, enhanced mood, improved sleep patterns, and discount on supplemental oxygen reliance. With adult stem cell therapy, the body can be helped so that its natural repair kit can function more effectively. Lungs damaged from this illness are not forever reversible although further costs to the lungs can be managed.

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